URAFORM P4590 General Information

Once catalyzed, Uraform P4590 is recommended for use in the production of plywood, particleboard, chipboard, furniture and related industries. It provides a high degree of water and stain resistance and protection against mold proliferation. The bond strength obtained depends on the glue- mix and would easily conform to the requirements of Type II Adhesives.

Technical Data
Item Data
Resin Type Spray Dried Urea Formaldehyde Resin
Form Powder
Powder Color White
60% Solution Color Milky White
60% Solution pH 7.3 – 8.5
Bulk Density 0.70 gm/cm3
Accelerated Gel TimeA 50 – 75 secs
Shelf Life @ 30°CB 9 Months (approximately)
Shelf Life @ 25°CB 12 Months (approximately)
Viscosity @ 25°CC 400 - 900 cps
Solubility in H2O Completely Completely
Moisture Content < 3.5%
Free Formaldehyde < 0.6%
  1. Using Test Method TP # 20
  2. In original sealed container
  3. 60.0% solution RVF Viscometer (Brookfield) #2 @ 20 r.p.m.