Paper Converting General Information

Paper converting is described as the process by which paper is used to engineer other paper products. Through a series of technical operations such as treating, slitting, grooving, punching and folding, paper can be transformed to a wide range of items. These items include envelopes, paper bags, boxes, containers and a variety of other products. Other operations in the conversion process may include perforating, blocking, binding, gluing and laminating.

CPML offers a wide selection of adhesives that are used in paper converting operations and we are also able to formulate to meet your specific requirements.

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Our Products
Product Name Major Use
CPML_WIPAD_2006 Window patch adhesive
CPML_CORAD_2008 Tube winding and Coring Adhesive
CPML_ENVAGLU Envelope side seam gum
CPML_LAM_500 Laminating adhesive
CPML_PICK_UP Transfer adhesive in tissue production
CPML_REM_0050 Envelope front flap
CPML_TASA_2007 Tissue tail seal
Hot Melt Carton Closure and Tray Forming