Hot Melt Adhesives What are hot melt adhesives?

Hot Melt Adhesives are thermoplastic adhesives, which are in a solid state at ambient room temperature, but become a liquid when heat is applied, then set to bond when cool.

Generally, they consist of polymer resins, tackyfing resins, plasticizers, antioxidants, fillers and waxes etc., and are used in a multitude of applications including but not limited to, labeling of bottles, cans, and boxes; carton closure; bookbinding; various woodworking and assembly procedures, and pressure sensitive labels.

Benefits of Hotmelts
  • A long shelf or storage life
  • Easy handling
  • Rapid set or cure
  • High resistance to water, oils, acids
  • Void of solvents
  • Low or no odor
  • Low or no wastage
Our Partnership

We have forged a distribution relationship with a highly reputable and internationally acclaimed manufacturer, JOWAT INC., and are the exclusive distributor for their products locally and throughout the Caribbean.

Products in Stock

Carton Closure and Tray Forming:

  • Jowatherm 259.20
  • Jowatherm 259.10
  • Top Therm 256.70

Wood working applications:

  • Jowatherm 280.30 (Edge Banding)
  • Vise Tite Plus (Polyurethane Adhesive) - 1 component D4 Adhesive

Products approved for use on all Tetra Pak equipment:

  • Jowatherm 250.00 (ReCap applications)
  • Jowatherm 250.85 (All SlimCap and StreamCap applications)
  • Jowatherm 250.30 (Straw application)
  • Jowatherm 256.05 (Straw application)
  • Jowatherm 258.50 (Tray forming)

Products recommended for PET labeling:

  • Jowatherm 253.60
  • Jowatherm 253.40

Please contact us for additional information or you may visit the Jowat Inc.web site at