CPML Multi Bond Description

CPML’S Multi Bond, is formulated with a co-polymer of Vinyl Acetate and Dibutyl-Maleate, affording improved adhesion to a variety of substrates, as well as excellent water and heat resistance. It’s bonds are strong, flexible and lasting, and have proven to be stronger than the bonded materials themselves.

  • Excellent Water and Heat resistance
  • Non-slip Multi–Purpose Mastic
  • Aggressive green tack
  • User friendly
  • Easy clean up before cure
Principal Use
  • Tiling and Flooring Mastic
  • Bonds Vinyl tiles to Concrete and Wooden floors
  • Bonds Ceramic tiles to Concrete and Wooden floors
  • Bonds Wooden tiles to Concrete and Wooden floors
  • Used to apply HP and LP laminates onto wood
Other Uses

Extremely versatile construction adhesive.


Cool dry place.

Available sizes
  • 1 Kilogram
  • 4 Kilogram
  • 20 Kilogram
  • 200 Kilogram