Our Products

We have a long tradition of creating “tailor made” products for our customers, which are used by manufacturers & consumers representing a wide and diverse range of industries from paper converting to fertilizers, in more than 16 countries

The strength of our products is derived from the fact that they are designed from the ground up to solve problems. This process is overseen by our technical support team which has over 30 years of industry specific professional training and experience resulting in a very effective problem solving capability.

An example of this capability can be seen in our response to the issuing of more stringent Formaldehyde emission guidelines by the U.S. most notably CARB guidelines, CPML introduced its Uraform P 4565 (A low free formaldehyde emission product) to the Brazilian Market. An independent laboratory analysis of Brazilian Plywood manufactured using P 4565 found it to be CARB compliant.

The product links allow you to browse a sample of our product range. We encourage you to contact us for additional information on our products and or applications that may not be included in this online listing.