Our Vision

To be a leading innovator in adhesive and amino resin technology, while providing unmatched technical expertise and customer-focused service.

Our Company

CPML is comprised of three divisions. The Adhesive and Glues division, produces a wide range of custom made adhesives for both industrial and consumer applications. Our Resin division specializes in the production of Urea Formaldehyde based resins in both liquid and powder forms. The Formaldehyde division manufactures Urea Formaldehyde 85 Concentrate (UFC 85), which provides the highest possible concentration of Formaldehyde commercially available.

CPML has the potential to add value to your business in many ways. We are strategically located near to major shipping lanes and as a result derive reliable shipping and competitive freight rates.

The local availabilty of our main raw materials and the existence of cheap energy supplies. A highly skilled and educated labour force, a well established democracy. Form the basis of our proven record of being a reliable supplier.

Finally CPML is strongly focused on customer satisfaction, as such all customer related activity within the organisation is highly prioritized.